How to Bind Off


Once you’ve finished knitting your project, you need to know how to get it off your needles. This is called binding off. There are a few more complicated ways to end a project, but this is the most basic and the most commonly used.

To begin, knit 2 stitches.


Slip stitch #1 (the farthest on the right) over stitch #2 (the one on the left) and off the right needle. (I prefer to use my left needle to pick up and slide the stitch over, but you can use your fingers if you’d rather.)


Knit another stitch. Repeat the same process by slipping stitch #2 (now the farthest on the right) over stitch #3 and off the right needle.


Repeat this process until the left needle is empty and the right needle only holds 1 stitch.


Cut your working yarn so that you have about a 6 inch tail. Thread the tail through the remaining stitch and slide it off the needle. Pull the tail to snug the stitch tight.


Once you have finished binding off, it’s time to sew the tails in!

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