5 Free Crochet Bag Patterns

I have a habit of accumulating bags. Purses, tote bags, you name it. (Not so much knitting project bags yet, although that needs to start.)

Here are 5 free crochet bag patterns of all sorts for everyone else who loves bags, or who has a justifiable need for an amazing handmade tote. Because who doesn’t?

  1. Capri Circle Bag by Two of Wands
    ©Two of Wands

    Simple and trendy, this may be your new staple!

  2. Roxy Bag by Maria’s Blue Crayon
    ©Marias Blue Crayon

    This mochila-style bag is a great alternative to a backpack or a purse.

  3. Crochet in Public Bag by Whistle and Ivy
    ©Whistle and Ivy

    If you take small yarn projects anywhere, this is a must! (I definitely need one!)

  4. Malia Shoulder Bag by Yarn + Chai
    ©Yarn + Chai

    Malia is a modern tote to take anywhere!

  5. Summer Day Bag by Winding Road Crochet
    ©Winding Road Crochet

    A quick project with chunky yarn, this sturdy bag is perfect for carrying summer essentials!

Bonus: I wasn’t able to get permission to repost photos for these two patterns, but I still think you should check them out:

Rescued Paw Designs has a simple Market Tote Bag that’s meshy and stretchy to fit whatever you get at the farmers’ market, or really anywhere.

And MinaSScraft has a Unicorn Purse that is so bright and adorable–it’s amigurumi you can carry! (Most of the website is in Spanish, but the pattern is written in English.)

Happy bag collecting, and happy crocheting!

Click here for a free copy of my most versatile hat pattern–it works with any needles, any yarn, and any size!

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