Mock Cable Charity Block

While we’re in the middle of Covid-19 uncertainty and social distancing, charity blocks are an ideal knitting project. They’re easy and quick to finish, so that you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Knitting is great for relieving anxiety, and these blocks are perfect for restless knitting, when you can’t focus on anything complicated—simple rectangles, with […]

Charity Block #12: Fishermans Rib

I started playing with the fisherman’s rib stitch because it looked like a nice, slightly different 1×1 rib. (I found the pattern on I didn’t realize until I actually started to knit that it’s a single-color brioche stitch. It’s not done at all like the two-color brioche that I used to make my color […]

Charity Block #6: Pearl Brioche

Do you ever have small projects that turn into much-bigger-than-they-should-be projects? I love knitting these charity blocks because they’re a nice short break between (or in the middle of) big projects. But this one took longer than usual, and it’s mostly because I wasn’t paying attention. The first time I tried it, I got a […]