Knit Fingerless Glove Patterns

I love the look of fingerless gloves, and I love how perfect they are for keeping our hands warm in winter while knitting. (Because let’s face it—knitting in mittens is just about impossible!) Here are a few adorable fingerless glove, aka mitt, patterns to make before the weather gets cold.

  1. Lace Fingerless Gloves by Luciana Boic
    ©Luciana Boic

    These lacy and elegant mitts could dress up any outfit.

  2. Winter Wonderland Mitts by SarahLady

    These twisted cables are perfect for a cold winter!

  3. Wicked Flower Stitch Gloves by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
    ©Cecily Glowik MacDonald

    Another pair of long, lacy beauties. This pattern is only available as part of a book, available through the link; the designer Ms. MacDonald also has a number of other fingerless glove patterns on her Ravelry designer page.

  4. Coast to Coast by Jacqueline Fortier
    ©Jacqueline Fortier

    More warm, gorgeous cables. Can you tell what I want to snuggle with in winter?

Bonus: I wasn’t able to get photo permission for these patterns, but you should absolutely check them out:

More elaborate cables from Purl Soho in their Traveling Cable Hand Warmers

Simple knit stitches but gorgeous color gradients in Krista McCurdy’s Gradient Mitts

Want a small, simple, and stylish glove that doesn’t cover the whole arm? Then you may want Sian Parker’s Fable Fingerless Mitts.

I need to knit myself a pair, but the problem is deciding which one… Do you have a favorite? Do you have other favorites that I didn’t include?

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  1. They are all gorgeous, but I love the cables in the Winter Wonderland pattern. I’m inspired to try one of these now!

    1. Aren’t they awesome? I love the cables too!

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