Jewel Stripes Hat

I try not to buy yarn unless I have a project in mind for it. If I buy it because I love it, there’s a good chance it’ll sit in my stash for years and may never get used. That’s not fair to the yarn OR my budget.

But sometimes…

I found this Caron x Pantone yarn at Michaels. The colors were so rich and vibrant that I had to touch it, and then my fate was sealed. This yarn is soft. Fortunately, it was also on sale, so it came home with me regardless of having no idea what to make with it.

The idea came when my winter hat from the past few years stopped being as comfortable. (It’s 100% wool, and it may have shrunk a little over time.) I needed a new hat, and I had this gorgeous yarn that was dying to be made into something… and presto! Just kidding. It went through a lot of math and a lot of beginnings that got ripped out before it became something worth wearing. And I do love wearing it, even after I discovered that it’s not as toasty as I was hoping for. (It’s perfect for 30-40 degrees F.)

This is my first hat design that is one-size-fits-most-adults. It’s loose on me (which I prefer, especially since it fits over my ponytail), and when I had my husband try it on, it only had to stretch a little. (Not that he’s into jewel tones.) It would make a good slouchy hat for a smaller head, if that’s more your style.

So here’s the pattern! And if you prefer a printable, ad-free PDF, you can find one here on Ravelry.

Jewel Stripes Hat

Pattern notes: This basic beanie pattern uses all five colors of one Caron x Pantone braid. There are leftovers of Colors 2-5, but Color 1 has very little left.

Needle: US size 10 (6 mm), 16” circular; US size 10 (6 mm), set of 4 double pointed needles (optional).

Yarns used: Caron x Pantone (Bulky (5); 60% Acrylic, 20% Nylon, 20% Merino Wool; 127 yards/100 grams), 1 braid of Frozen Berry.

Yardage: 127 yards (116 meters).

Gauge: 15 sts per 4 inches; 5 rows per inch.

Other Notions: 1 stitch marker; yarn needle for finishing.

Size: Adult (one size fits all). Fits loosely on 22” head; stretches easily to fit 24” head.

Stitch Abbreviations:

k2tog=knit two together
tbl=through back loop

Pattern Stitches:

Twisted Rib:
Each round: k1 tbl, p1 tbl, repeat to end.

Stockinette Stitch:
Each round: knit.


With Color 1, cast on 80 sts. Join into a circle, being careful not to twist your stitches.

Rounds 1-5: Twisted Rib.

Switch to Stockinette Stitch for rest of hat. Change colors as follows:

Rounds 6 and 7: Color 1.

Round 8: Color 2.

Round 9: Color 1.

Round 10: Color 2.

Round 11: Color 1.

Rounds 12-15: Color 2.

Round 16: Color 3.

Round 17: Color 2.

Round 18: Color 3.

Round 19: Color 2.

Rounds 20-23: Color 3.

Round 24: Color 4.

Round 25: Color 3.

Round 26: Color 4.

Round 27: Color 3.

Round 28-31: Color 4.

Begin decreases:

Round 32 (Color 5): k8, k2tog, repeat to end.

Round 33 (Color 4): knit.

Round 34 (Color 5): k7, k2tog, repeat to end.

Round 35 (Color 4): knit.

Use Color 5 for remaining rounds.

Round 36: k6, k2tog, repeat to end.

Round 37: knit.

Round 38: k5, k2tog, repeat to end.

Round 39: knit.

Round 40: k4, k2tog, repeat to end.

Round 41: k3, k2tog, repeat to end.

Round 42: k2, k2tog, repeat to end.

Round 43: k1, k2tog, repeat to end.

Round 44: k2tog, repeat to end.

Cut 6 inch tail and thread through remaining 8 stitches. Sew all ends under.

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