Decreasing: How to Purl Two Together (p2tog)


Because purl two together (p2tog) is less common in patterns than knit two together (k2tog), it can seem intimidating at first, but it’s another really easy decrease. It has the same effect as k2tog only it’s worked on the wrong side. (You k2tog when you’re knitting, and you p2tog when you’re purling, and they both give you the same right-slanting decrease.)


Here’s how to do it:

Instead of diving your right needle through the first stitch on your left needle as you would when purling, you’ll dive it through the first two stitches.



Purl these two stitches together as though they were one stitch.


You’ll end up with one stitch on your right needle instead of the two that were on the left. The stitch should look like this:



And when you turn it around to look a the right side (or front), you should see this:



If you want to walk through it with me, here’s the video:



If you have any questions on this or any of the other decrease stitches, ask in the comments or email me!

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