Super Simple Garter Stitch Scarf


Now that you’ve learned how to cast on and to do the knit stitch, you’re ready to try your first project!


This garter stitch scarf is super simple. Garter stitch is the name for the stitch pattern where you knit every stitch in every row. It’s stretchy, reversible, and oh so cozy.



For this scarf, you’ll need:

  • A skein of yarn – You can use any kind of yarn, but if you’re just starting out, I’d recommend using a basic, straightforward yarn, not something extra fluffy or fuzzy. (I used Lion Brand Homespun for mine, and I love the feel of it, but it can be difficult to find the right places to slide your needles if you’re new to it.)
  • Needles – I usually like to use one needle size larger than recommended on the yarn label. If it recommends using size 7 needles, I’ll use size 8, for instance, because I like my knitting to feel a little looser. But it’s totally a matter of personal preference.


Cast on stitches until you have the desired width of a scarf on your needles, or a little less. (Once you start knitting, the stitches will spread out wider.)


Knit every stitch in every row until the scarf is as long as you’d like.


Bind off your stitches and sew in the ends.


You did it! Time to choose another yarn and keep practicing!

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