Baby Socks


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Winter is here.

It’s time for hats, scarves, and in Munchkin’s case, booties.

The booties I made for Little Bear for his first winter are too big for Munchkin, so I was looking around for a quick, easy, and simple sock or bootie pattern that would stay on the little one’s feet. I finally settled on this one by Red Heart Yarn–they really are just tiny little socks, made with worsted weight yarn so that they’re thick and warm and knit up quickly.

Difficulty: Intermediate

What you need:

  • Worsted weight yarn (I used the remains of a ball of acrylic from my stash; I think it was Red Heart Super Saver)


Skills you need:

  • Ssk (slip slip knit)
  • Grafting for the toe (Confession: I cannot graft to save my life. I always try and fail and then wing it. Someday I’ll get the hang of it, and when I do, I’ll do a tutorial post for anyone else like me. The pattern includes instructions, but I still botched it.)

I was hoping to have posts available to explain any skills that might be new in a given pattern. I apologize for not having all of those posts up yet. Please bear with me–I’ll update this post as soon as I have new links for you!

I know black is an unusual color for baby items, but I wanted them to be able to pass for shoes in a pinch. I had to fold down the cuff because of his chubby legs, but they’ll stay on just fine!

What’s your favorite pattern for baby booties? Share it in the comments!

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